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June 19, 2017

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Freedom of Speech

June 7, 2017


I've enjoyed my freedom to speech my entire life. This fundamental right is protected by the First Amendment. With current events such as increasing numbers of racism and hate crimes, many Americans have been frightened into silence and do not express themselves and speak up. We can not forget that America is a country by the people for the people and nobody should be afraid to raise their voice. This blog is very important to me and it is my way of being a proud American.


What can you do? Here's 5 simple ways 

  1. Start a blog! Write about your experiences and tell the world your thoughts.

  2. Peacefully protest in public spaces where free speech is threatened.

  3. Use social media to spark conversation.

  4. Attend and speak up during city hall meetings.

  5. Ensure that everyone around you can speak freely.


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