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Losing Nemo

June 19, 2017

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Losing Nemo

June 19, 2017


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" -Robert Swan


Humans are guilty of this brutal murder of hundreds of species of marine life, and we don't realize that we need fish to survive. This piece of art by Natalia Rak shows that even if the fantastical mermaid were real, humans would still hunt them to extinction. It's time to end this madness and I encourage everyone to watch a short animated clip by theblackfish organization called Losing Nemo, here that explains everything. 


What can you do? Here's six simple ways how.

  1. Take a pledge to stop eating fish 

  2.  Follow a good fish guide that shows fish that don't have an averse effect on the ocean, if you do eat fish, and click here to see an example.

  3. Be informed and stay up to date with issues regarding overfishing  

  4. Contact your elected officials. Write to them and tell them you are concerned and ask them what they are going to do to address the problem. click here to find out how. 

  5. Write a letter to your local newspaper editor and inform your community. Find your local paper here and here is how you can write to them.

  6. Use social media! This is a global issue and lots of people need to take a stand. Do your part! Liking and sharing this post can spread the word, so even more people can take action.


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