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The ocean is huge and seemingly never-ending. Maybe, that's why we thought that all our trash wouldn't make an impact. But the ocean is still around the same size, but our waste is still there and ever growing. 80% of marine pollution comes from land based activities. There are over 275 million metric tons of plastic waste alone, not accounting for all the oil spills and other waste. So many marine animals die because of our inefficiency. 


What can you do? Here's 5 ways how.

  1. Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Cut down on single-use plastics such as plastic bags, utensils, and water bottles, and instead use tote bags or things that can be reused. Recycle all plastics so you don't add more plastic in circulation.

  2. Volunteer to go and help clean the ocean's trash. Find a cleanup site near you or start one of your own. (here)

  3. Sign a petition. Join the efforts of other like-minded individuals and sign a petition to the U.S. House of Representatives here.

  4. Donate! Here are some organizations that you can easily donate to, join, and support today: GreenpeaceOceanic SocietyPlastic Pollution Coalition, 5 Gyres, and Plastic Soup Foundation.

  5. Spread the Word. Tell everyone you know about this critical issue. Like and share this post but remember to make sure that both you and others ACT.


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