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June 19, 2017

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Famine in Somalia

August 3, 2017



Imagine being forced to walk 1,760 football fields in the burning sun for a glass of water. After not eating for over a week. And having to care for two sick, young children. Oh, and there's a terrorist group that steals what food you have and blocks all the roads. This is the life of Fatumata, a struggling Somali mother living in a warzone. Think about that refreshing glass of ice cold water you just drank or that sweet, crunchy chocolate bar you just ate. Not everyone has the convenience that most of us enjoy. Join hundreds of volunteers and many organizations, and at the very least sign the petition to help humanity.


 What can you do? Here's 3 ways how.

  1. Donate! Many organizations provide food, water, and shelter to Somalia. Help them save lives by clicking here to donate.

  2. Sign the petition. Petition Congress to reject cuts to humanitarian aid. Click here to put your name down among others. This takes only 2 minutes and is a MUST.

  3. Spread the word. Like and share this post so others can see, and most importantly ensure that everyone acts.

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Please click here to take the survey and tell me about your experience.




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