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June 19, 2017

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Devastation of Hurricane Harvey

September 4, 2017



Texas has been hit by Hurricane Harvey with a fury. People have lost their homes, their pets, and their way of life because of this. I don't live in an area that's susceptible to hurricanes; Earthquakes are far more likely, but if there was a disaster then wouldn't you want everyone helping to restore your community, your home, and your lifestyle? Nobody should be abandoned and it's our duty to pitch in. Even if it's not much, like J.J. Watt's donations, you can support in ways that can make a big difference. This colorful painting is by Terrance Osbourne depicting Hurricane Katrina that stuck New Orleans. 


What can you do? Here's 4 simple ways how:


1. Donate! So many organizations are doing good work to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Here are some credible ones: Red Cross, Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Salvation Army.

2. Spread the word. Share this post and make sure others help out!

3. Donate on the go! Round up and Donate with Lyft; round up your fare and donate to Hurricane Harvey. Donate at register at your local Starbucks; it's easy to do.

4. Sign a petition! Ensure that Congress diverts money to Hurricane Harvey relief. 2018 budget cuts take money from FEMA and flood insurance that would help victims. Click here to sign now! 


Did you change the world by acting? Answer on this poll-->


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