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Florida School Shooting

February 18, 2018


Seven. There have been seven firearm attacks during school hours in 2018. It hasn't even been two full months and already this year is scarred with violence. "Children are being murdered!" Jimmy Kimmel exclaimed as he began to tear up with emotion. The leader of America has offered his thoughts and prayers but has done nothing to prevent yet another school shooting. Last time Australia experienced a similar tragedy, they made a bipartisan effort and there hasn't been a single mass shooting since. "Australia's experience shows that banning rapid-fire firearms was associated with reductions in mass shootings and total firearm deaths," said University of Sydney professor Simon Chapman. Gun control will make a difference. It's time.


What can you do? Here's 3 ways how:

1. Donate (7 mins). Everytown is an organization dedicated to ensuring gun safety. Click here to donate.

2. Call your representative (11 mins). Enter your information and find out who you need to call to get things done. Click here.

3. Write to Congress (3 mins). A simple and easy way to let your representative know your thoughts. Click here. and to ask your rep. to get guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, click here.


Did you change the world by acting? Answer on this poll (might need to scroll down) -->


Please click here to take the survey and tell me about your experience.


Image: The Guardian


More info: Snopes (school shootings in 2018), YouTube (Jimmy Kimmel reaction), USA Today (Australia's gun control)

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