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June 19, 2017

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Northern White Rhino Extinction

July 12, 2018


Recently, the last male northern white rhino passed away, leaving the species extinct. These magnificent creatures survived thousands of years before humans. Through record poaching to appease the demand for rhino horns (which have no medical value), habitat fragmentation, and lack of political will to protect rhinos, rhino populations are dwindling. 


What can you do? Here's 3 ways how:

1. Donate (7 mins). The International Rhino Foundation's mission is to save that are currently in crisis. Click here to donate now.

2. Sign a petition (4 mins). One of the biggest causes for the decline in rhinos is poaching. Click here to sign a petition to give three poachers the harshest punishment.

3. Spread the word (4 mins). Save rhinos by sharing this post, and getting your friends and family involved.


Did you change the world by acting? Answer on this poll (might need to scroll down) -->


Please click here to take the survey and tell me about your experience.


Image: The Daily Maul


More info: International Rhino Foundation (what's the crisis?), National Geographic (death of last male white rhino, future for species)

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